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Many acts and regulations protect the drinking water catchments against pollution. International Office for Water published an enriched book, available in French and in English, to present it.

Different actors with defined roles intervened on water catchments zones to limit pollutants transfers, in order to avoid a complex and expensive treatment of drinking water.

With videos, animations, interviews, this free tool inform you about the stakes and the existing measures about the protection of drinking water catchments in France. It also explain what are the actions and steps taken against diffuse pollution (water contamination by undesirable substances such as pesticides or nitrate, which come from a lot of sources in space and time, identifiable with difficulty.

Sommaire livre enrichi


After establishing an overview of the drinking water catchments situation, you will discover the actors of this sector, the measures taken for the protection of these zones and some examples leaded in Europe.

Realized with the financial support of French Office of Biodiversity, this enriched booked aim to spread essential knowledge for water conservation, with the French example.

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Where could you find the enriched book?

Two online versions exist (for PC and tablet):



This enriched book follow on another one realized in 2017 by OIEau about the Water sub-basin management plan (SAGE).