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Innovating with Nature: sharing experiences

The IOWater and the INBO highlight inspiring and innovating solutions for water resource management, its associated risks as well as aquatic biodiversity. We call these solutions of initiatives allying human and nature since they to human well-being while preserving ecosystems.

They answer an identified challenge among one or several categories set out below:

  • Climate change adaptation;
  • Water availability and sharing ;
  • Quality water preservation ;
  • Watershed management ;
  • Restoration and protection of aquatic biodiversity.

These enhanced projects are alternatives and/or complementary to traditional engineering infrastructures, and remain effectives. More than ever, we need those resilient and innovating initiatives for the future.
These activities take place all around the world, at any societal level and at any scale.

The objective is to reach a better knowledge and global appropriation of these solutions by key actors in development and decision makers, which could evaluate their benefits. By synchronizing these good practices, we are capable of moving forward sustainable actions and capacities of climate change adaptation.