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New Book "Risk-Informed Management of European River Basins"

This book
  • Provides a profound understanding of the functioning of river ecosystems
  • Offers guiding principles for a successful management of river basins
  • Enhances the cost-effectiveness of management measures
The growing impacts of economic activities and climate change on the conditions of rivers throughout the world, require a new, integrated approach towards river basin management, an approach that can also cope with an uncertain future. In this volume, leading European scientists and representatives of major stakeholder groups present risk-informed management as this new approach, as developed in the European Commission-funded project RISKBASE. It aims to improve the ecological quality of river basins and thus to sustain the goods and services they provide for the benefit of society. Risk-informed management involves the integrated application of three key-principles:
 · Being well informed
 · Managing adaptively
 · Pursuing a participatory approach
The authors explain and underpin these principles in detail, offer inspiring examples from practice and connect them to the implementation of the European Water Framework Directive (WFD).
This book is intended for scientists, consultants and practitioners concerned about river basins, world-wide, as well as the drafters and implementers of the WFD River Basin Management Plans.
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J. Brils, W. Brack, D. Müller-Grabherr, P. Négrel, J. E. Vermaat - Springer - 2013