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The UN Conference - COP23 – on the Climate Climate was held, as you know, from 6 to 17 November 2017 in Bonn, Germany.
As part of the "Global Climate Action Agenda – GCAA" or Climate Action Programme (successor of the Lima-Paris Action Agenda – LPAA), the International Network of Basin Organizations (INBO) was designated by the UNFCCC Secretariat, as co-organizer of the official "Water Action Day", in partnership with the WWC, IUCN, the French Water Partnership and SIWI/AGWA.
This official "Water Action Day" was organized on Friday 10th of November 2017, on the Global Climate Action (GCA) Campus of the Bonn Zone. It will be organize as :
  • One high level opening ceremony (room 2)
  • One high level "Water Dialogue" on improving water and climate financing (room 7)
  • Three parallel Breakout Sessions : -"Water knowledge to respond to climate uncertainty" (room 10)
    -"Water for urban resilience" (room 2)
    -"Water for sustainable agriculture and food security" (room 1)
  • One closing plenary (room 2)
The opening plenary of this "Water Action Day" was an opportunity to present the actions carried out since COP22 and the new commitments made during COP23 by the Global Alliances for Water and Climate (GAfWaC), composed of four stand-alone Alliances:
  • The Alliance of the 360 signatories of the Paris Pact on water and adaptation to climate change in the basins of rivers, lakes and aquifers, facilitated by INBO in partnership with UNECE,
  • The Business Alliance for Water And Climate Change - BAFWAC, launched by the Carbon Disclosure Project - CDP, the CEO Water Mandate, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and SUEZ, which has now 44 member organizations, including 30 leading companies,
  • The Alliance of Megacities for Water and Climate, facilitated by UNESCO, ICLEI, SIAAP and Arceau-IDF, gathering 16 Megacities for a total population of 300 million inhabitants.
  • The Global Clean Water Desalination Alliance, launched by Masdar Institute (UAE), which gathers companies and research and development organizations from 23 countries (i.e. United States, China, Korea, Japan).
A preamble to this high level official "Water Action Day", the International Network of Basin Organizations (INBO) and the Global Alliance for Water and Climate are organizing Thursday 9th November 2017, with their partners a series of several parallel side-events on water and adaptation to climate change and, particularly, the cooperation between basins, Nature-based solutions and innovative funding to mobilize :
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The photo of Meeting of the Great Rivers of the World : Water and Climate in Rome
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Opening Plenary


Parallel Session #1: Water Knowledge for Responding to Climate Uncertainty


Parallel Session #2: Water for Urban Resilience


Parallel Session #3: Water for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security


Closing Plenary


Interview PFE de Jean-Didier Berthault - SIAAP et métropole du Grand Paris

Interview PFE de Aline Populo - Office de l'Eau de la Martinique

Interview de Jean-Francois Donzier - RIOB / Alliances mondiales eau et climat