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Under the India-EU Water Partnership, a two-day workshop was organized on 14 and 15 June 2016 in New Delhi to analyze the problems of governance in the Ganga basin and to identify relevant answers from the experience of the European Union on the following questions: how to manage and plan basin management? What should be the role of a basin organization and how can such structure be established?
The workshop helped to give an overview of the state of water resources in India, the current challenges and plans envisaged to address them. The workshop also provided an overview of European and international experience in Integrated Resource Management in Water (IWRM) at basin level, which helped identify commonalities and potential to adapt in India the tools, methodologies and measures implemented in the European Union to address water management issues.
Fifty participants attended the event, including representatives from water resource managers, experts, researchers and operators of the Indian Central Government (National Mission Ganges -NMCG cleaning, National Mission for Water - NWM) and it Federal States, the European Union and its Member-States.
The International Network of Basin Organizations has contributed by providing its international experience on the structures, mechanisms and challenges of basin organizations.
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