Handbook for the participation of stakeholders and the civil society in the basins of rivers, lakes and aquifers

The drafting of this handbook has been coordinated by Daniel Valensuela of the Technical Secretariat of the International Network of Basin Organizations. The examples were collected through the network of INBO and from examples provided by several contributors or from the web site of INBO’ partners. The list of contributors is at the end of the handbook. The handbook can be downloaded from the following web sites : www.inbo-news.org www.iowater.org www. inbo-news .org | www. iowater .org THE HANDBOOK FOR THE PARTICIPATION OF STAKEHOLDERS AND THE CIVIL SOCIETY IN THE BASINS OF RIVERS, LAKES AND AQUIFERS INBO / IOWATER Published in 2018 by the International Network of Basin Organizations (INBO). Translation : Gisèle Sine. Design: Scriptoria, free z’be/Christian Fey ISBN : 978 2 95 63 6561 7 (March 2018).