Handbook on Water Information Systems

The drafting of this handbook was coordinated by Paul Haener of the International Office for Water- IOwater (Permanent Technical Secretariat of the International Network of Basin Organizations) with the support of various IOWater experts and in partnership with Youssef Filali-Meknassi (UNESCO-IHP, with the participation of Abou Amani, Chloé Meyer, and Koen Verbist), Robert Argent (Bureau of Meteorology/ WWDI), and Dominique Berod (WMO, with the participation of Silvano Pecora and Tommaso Abrate). The case studies were mainly collected through INBO networks, and from examples provided by the above mentioned partners. Some adaptations were made by Natallia Kapitan. Christophe Brachet (IOWater) and Eric Mino (IOWater) proofread the text and Anne-Marie Harper was responsible for the English translations. The French Agency for Biodiversity provided a financial support to this publication. The handbook can be downloaded from the following websites: www.inbo-news.org www.iowater.org The editorial committee would like to thank all of the contributors. www. inbo-news .org | www. unesco .org/water/ Published in 2018. Translations: Anne-Marie Harper. Layout and design: Scriptoria, free z’be / Christian Fey. ISBN: 978-2-9563656-0-0 This publication is subject to WMO disclaimers available online at https://public.wmo.int/en/disclaimer (March 2018). THE HANDBOOK ON WATER INFORMATION SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATION, PROCESSING AND EXPLOITATION OF WATER-RELATED DATA INBO/UNESCO