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INBO recommendations to the 4th World Water Forum
« The basins of rivers, lakes and aquifers
are the relevant territories for organizing
participative management of water resources
and aquatic environments. »
The four official sessions submitted by INBO, its Regional Networks and their partners invitation 
  • Session N° 2.18:
    "management of African transboundary basins"(AMCOW/ANBO),
  • Session N° 2.14:
    "implementation of the European Water Framework Directive" (EURO-INBO/CEENBO),
  • Session N° 2.36:
    "users' and public participation and common cause in basin management" (INBO),
  • Session N° 2.29:
    "synthesis of the progress made in transboundary basin management over the world"(INTBO).