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Thursday 24th of March, 9.00 am – 10.30m (UTC / Dakar time),
        Room 10



Opening (5 min)

  • Mr. Abderrahim EL HAFIDI, Director General, National Office of Electricity and Drinking Water, ONEE, Morocco  

Keynote speech (10 min)

  • Dr. Mansur MUHTAR, Vice President (Operations), Islamic Development Bank

Panel (20 min)

  • Mr. André VIOLA, President of the International Commission at Adour-Garonne Basin Commitee, France
  • Ms Carolina DOMINGUEZ-TORRES, Senior Water and Sanitation Specialist, World Bank Group
  • Mr. Moncef SOUDANI, Senior Technical Cooperation Specialist, Islamic Development Bank
  • Mr. Ibrahima CAMARA, Senior Advisor to the Minister of Urban Planning, Guinea
  • Mr. Mecuria ASSEFAW, Division Manager, African Development Bank
  • Mr. Dibi Milogo, Deputy Executive Director, Volta Basin Authority (VBA)


Discussion between panelists : Follow-up questions (20 min)

Questions & answers with the participants (30 min)

Conclusion (5 min)

  • Mr. Christophe BRACHET, Deputy Director General, International Office for Water

Master of Ceremony

  • Dr. Asma EL KASMI, Director of Cooperation and Communication, National Office of Electricity and Drinking Water- Water Branch, ONEE, Morocco

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