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For the last three years, the WaterDiss2.0 Project partners have been working with a considerable number of recipients of EU Framework
Programme funding to identify strategies for more effective and speedier transfer of research results to intended users in the water sector.
This workshop will enable participants to find out more about the accomplished work, and both research teams and end-users will benefit.
In addition, scientists, policy makers and practitioners will have an opportunity to share their own knowledge brokerage experiences, tools and methods, and to add further examples of successful practice to the outcomes of the Project.
To improve the flow of knowledge between science, policy and practice, the workshop aims to provide some answers to the following questions :
  • Why is the dissemination of EU water-related research poor and slow ?
  • Why is it so important to develop specific research output dissemination strategies ?
  • How should the water industry increase the use of knowledge brokerage tools to boost innovation ?
  • What are the responsibilities and roles of knowledge users, knowledge providers and knowledge brokers ?
  • What more should the European Union and national funding bodies do to maximize the effective uptake of successful water research outcomes ?
Writing better research dissemination strategies - Exchanging ideas, tools and methods across Europe