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 The First Workshop convened in the International Year of Water Cooperation aims to highlight opportunities and inspire effective practices/solutions in advancing the legal and institutional frameworks and tools for transboundary water cooperation through the exchange of experience and cross-fertilization within existing joint bodies, as well as to support the emergence of new joint bodies for transboundary water cooperation.
The Workshop will consist of a mix of plenary sessions and discussions in working groups focusing on the following topics :
1) Efforts to establish new agreements and joint bodies (obstacles, challenges and strategies in negotiation process, role of third parties, role of international framework agreements, concept of benefit sharing, etc.)
2) Legal and institutional frameworks for cooperation through joint bodies (scope, competences, organizational structures and regulations, financing, involvement of stakeholders, implementation structures at national level, etc.)
3) Primary tools and methods of effective daily cooperation (exchange of data and information, coordinated or joint monitoring, consultations on planned measures, joint action plans and programmes, etc.)
4) Conflict prevention and dispute settlement – the role of joint bodies.