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The China Europe Water Platform was launched in March 2012 at the 6th World Water Forum as a new working group of the EU Water Initiative, with Denmark and Portugal co-leading the work.
 The specific purpose of the CEWP Work Programme 2012-2015 is as follows :
  • To establish the organisation and working mechanisms of the CEWP ;
  • To continue policy dialogue between China and Europe after completion of the EU China River Basin Management Programme in July 2012 also looking into synergies with other EU-China policy dialogues (e.g. High level dialogue on Environment, EU – China Cooperation Plan in Agriculture and Rural Development, Energy Security, Disaster Risk Management) and the EU-China strategic partnerships, including e.g. the newly launched partnership on sustainable urbanization
  • To enable / ensure the CEWP produces tangible results in terms of cooperation agreements, policy recommendations and improved practices in water management, and related exchange visits of mutual interest ;
  • To facilitate strengthening of research co-operation
  • To facilitate mutual and joint business development ;
  • To ensure, together with the CEWP Interim Work Plan, the achievement of selected milestones crucial to the success of the CEWP.