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 On behalf of UNECE and UNESCO, coordinators of the UN-Water Thematic Priority Area (TPA) on Transboundary Waters, I am pleased to send you below and attached a call for contributions of Good practices in Transboundary Water Cooperation.
You are invited to contribute to this activity of the UN-Water TPA on Transboundary Waters, by sending us examples of good practices related to cooperation on transboundary waters. The Transboundary Waters Thematic Priority Area (TPA) serves as the clearinghouse of UN-Water, the United Nations coordination mechanism for all water-related issues, for information exchange to share experiences and lessons learned that relate to transboundary water issues.
The concept note of the activity includes :
- background information on this activity (e.g. rationale, aim, scope, inputs, process, timeline)
- the good practice input form. This questionnaire can be filled in and sent back to us by 9 November 2012.
Please note that this is the First Phase and pre-selection stage of the activity. It is therefore only required for the moment to add a few lines under each heading of the questionnaire. All submitted examples will be considered, compared and evaluated. Good practice examples which will be selected at the end of this First phase will be included in the final publication. During the Second phase, contributors of the good practices which have been selected will be asked to provide more in-depth information on the good practice examples they submitted.