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Thursday 24 March 10.45 am – 12.15 pm (UTC / Dakar time),  
Room 8


PROGRAMME (90 mins)

Session Moderator (2 mins)

  • Aurélien Dumont, Project Officer, UNESCO

Opening/Welcoming remarks (3 min)

  • Abou Amani, Director of Water Science Division, UNESCO

Projects included (Short Statements/Case Study/Presentations) (60 min)

  • Experience with LCBC, ABN and OSS, three regional and transboundary projects in Africa. BGR - Brentführer, Ramon  (Confirmed)
  • Enhancing management and governance of Transboundary Aquifers in Northern Africa (ITTAS) - Abdelkader Dodo - OSS (Confirmed)
  • A mission-oriented approach to solve water related challenges and create societal impacts - European Commission (tbc)
  • Investing in nature-based solutions – focus on groundwater-dependent ecosystems - Mr Niokhor Ndour, DGPRE, AFD / TNC (confirmed)
  • Towards conjunctive management and concerted governance of transboundary aquifer water resources - Speaker: Christine Haffner-Sifakis (confirmed)
  • Promoting youth-led Initiatives in Water Governance - Jacob Amengor (Confirmed)
  • Transboundary Aquifer Governance (Stampriet) - Mr. Lenka Thamae, Executive Secretary, Orange-Senqu River Commission (ORASECOM) (TO BE CONFIRMED)


Discussion between panelists and questions & answers with the participants (20 min)

Conclusion (3 min)
From the Moderator

Closing remarks (2 mins)

  • Alice Aureli, Chief of Groundwater Section, UNESCO