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Wednesday 23 March 10:45 am – 12:15 pm (UTC / Dakar time),  
Room 7



Session Moderator

  • James Sauramba, Executive Secretary, SADC-GMI (TBC)

Opening/Welcoming remarks

  • Abou Amani, Director of Water Science Division, UNESCO

Ice-breaking activity

Short Statements/Case Study/Presentations
Presentations should answer 1 or 2 questions of the below:

1) How is the project contributing to improved knowledge and governance of transboundary groundwater systems worldwide? What kind of support are you able to offer to groundwater management actors to improve their understanding and governance of the aquifers they manage?

2) How is the improved understanding of the aquifer system at hand contributing to its sustainable management? What are the key factors that have improved the management of the groundwater system in your project, and what would be the main actions and takeaways to replicate your project’s success elsewhere?  

Discussion between panelists and questions & answers with the participants (25 min)

From the Moderator

Closing remarks

  • Sonja Koeppel, Secretary of the Water Convention, UNECE