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As permanent technical secretary of the International Network of Basin Organizations, the IOWater has prepared experience feedback project sheets related to innovative and inspiring initiatives in the field of water and aquatic environment management.

These projects join Man and Nature, responding to societal challenges such as adaptation to climate change, access and sharing of water resources, water quality preservation, watershed conservation, or protection of aquatic biodiversity. They respond to nature-based solution criteria as defined by IUCN, while producing benefits for society and biodiversity. They are ambitious initiatives contributing to a world where Man and Nature could thrive in symbiosis.

The projects were identified around the planet and at various scales, with emphasis on developing countries (particularly in Africa, Asia and Latin America).

The visibility provided to these projects aims to facilitate a sharing of knowledge and good practices to facilitate their reproducibility. Developing such activities at larger scale would improve efficiency, as an essential advantage in a context of climate uncertainty.

Project sheets are available at the following link::