AfriAlliance : a network for sharing innovative solutions to meet the challenges of climate change


The AfriAlliance project aims to better prepare Africa for future climate change challenges by having African and European stakeholders work together in the areas of water innovation, research, policy, and capacity development.

Africa will be one of the regions that most need to find innovative solutions to address the challenges related to water and adaptation to climate change. Successful interactions between stakeholders in water management play a fundamental role in generating, developing and exchanging knowledge and innovations that meet the demands for effective and sustainable solutions with a tangible impact.
By developing joint work and sharing innovative solutions between existing African and European networks on water and climate challenges in Africa, the Afri-Alliance project aims to build Africa’s capacity to meet the challenges related to climate change.
The 16 partner organizations of the project, including INBO in charge of communication and IOWater responsible for identifying innovative solutions, work at increasing and enhancing research and (social) innovation related to water and climate change. Entering into a continuous process of transfer of technology and knowledge, the first project activities consisted in establishing five thematic groups (made up of researchers, managers, NGOs, etc.), that address the issues of:
  1. Integrated Water Resources Management;
  2. Food security and Agriculture;
  3. Human Capacity Building;
  4. Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation;
  5. Network for Water and Climate Data monitoring, collection, forecasting and analysis. 
A second line of work focuses on the innovation needs at local and regional level in Africa. The identification of the needs and existing solutions is starting, including through workshops held across Africa (RAOC General Assembly, Kigali, Rwanda, 20-22 September; WaterNet / WARFSA / GWPSA Symposium in Gaborone, Botswana, 26 - 28 October 2016)
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AfriAlliance : a network for sharing innovative solutions to meet the challenges of climate change

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