UN General Assembly on World Water Day

22 march 2013
 Dear Your Excellency M. Salem Ould Merzoug,
I consider it a great honor to meet you as the moderator of this special dialogue at the UN, and to learn from you. You have an amazing record in water management and I wish I could hear more than 6 minutes of your thoughts at some point. Possibly we can meet following the dialogue ?
It would be very helpful to me to know your recommendations in advance in as much detail as you are willing to provide. I see my role as moderator as less about expressing my own thoughts about water and cooperation, but more about how do I best carry forward your recommendations, and hopefully weave a coherent message across the 5 speakers. Anything you can provide - from bullet points to a fully written statement, would be most welcome.
Warm regards,
Annette Huber-Lee, PhD
Asia Centre Director and Senior Scientist
Stockholm Environment Institute
+1 617 877 9657

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UN General Assembly on World Water Day

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