OECD Initiative on Water Governance

27-28 march 2013, Paris
 This Initiative aims to provide a multi-stakeholder policy platform to advance on the global water governance agenda. It will encompass the establishment of a Policy Forum, the creation of an International Observatory on Water governance, and a Web Portal aimed at stimulating discussions across a wide range of public, private and not-for-profit actors at different levels, within and outside the water community.
 The OECD Initiative on Water Governance builds on the water governance work undertaken as part of the 6th World Water Forum held in Marseille, France on 12-17 March 2012. Between February 2011 and March 2012, six taskforces, 300 contributors and tens of institutions, led by the OECD, worked together to design “water governance targets” structured around three pillars : i) effective public governance, ii) integrated water resources management, iii) integrity and transparency.
 The members of the OECD Initiative on Water Governance will meet twice a year to share experiences, updates and progress related to water governance. The OECD Secretariat will host the Network and carry out day-to-day operational activities. The Steering Committee composed of founding institutions and partners involved in the governance group of the 6th WWF will be responsible for strategic orientations. Thematic and regional working groups will contribute to the different activities.

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OECD Initiative on Water Governance

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