Toward a Joint Management of Transboundary Aquifer Systems

Methodological Guide by Académie de l’eau, Bureau de recherches géologiques et minières (BRGM), Office international de l’eau (OIEau) and UNESCO
The aim of the present Methodological Guidebook is to deepen our knowledge of such groundwater systems, fostering a collaborative, equitable and sustainable management of these resources. It first recalls the main issues at stake regarding transboundary aquifers and the need for a more comprehensive approach based on IWRM principles. It then describes some existing tools that can help in improving our knowledge and management of these precious resources; this includes technical, legal, organizational and economic tools, as well as training and cooperation tools. Finally, it proposes a progressive, multi-pronged approach for implementing the collaborative, equitable and sustainable management of transboundary aquifer systems. It also takes a look at the potential mechanisms for creating and sustainably operating an appropriate institutional structure to manage these shared groundwater resources.

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Date of online publication: 17 July 2017
Toward a Joint Management of Transboundary Aquifer Systems

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