"EURO-RIOB 2017"

20-23 septembre 2017, Dublin

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Table ronde n° 2 : Adaptation au changement climatique dans les bassins / Adaptation to Climate Change in Basins


› Basins and Financial Redistribution in Action

Alain Bernard (IOWater)

(PDF – 3 Mo)

› Climate change challenges in Romania -influence on water resources and adaptation measures-

Sorin RINDASU, Marius MATREATA, iorel Chendes, Daniela RĂDULESCU

(PDF – 1.6 Mo)

› Cofio River Restoration and Dam Removal in Robledo de Chavela (Madrid, Spain)

Lidia Arenillas Girola (Confederación Hidrográfica del Tajo)

(PDF – 6.6 Mo)

› EU Circle Project-A pan -European framework for strengthening Critical Infrastructure resilience to climate change EU-CIRCLE

Catherine FREISSINET (ARTELIA Eau & Environnement)

(PDF – 1.6 Mo)

› National Road Network –Implementing a Strategy for Adapting to Extreme Weather Events and Climate Change –Current Status and Future Challenges

Billy O’Keeffe

(PDF – 2.3 Mo)

› RAINMAN Project CE 968 Integrated Heavy Rain Risk Management cooperation in Central Europe as an example of adaptation to climate change

Mariusz Adynkiewicz-Piragas

(PDF – 2.2 Mo)

› Rapportage Table ronde 2

(PDF – 142.2 ko)

› Working with Natural Processes -Core to delivering on EU Directives and climate change

Barry Hankin, Jonathan Cooper, Daniela Radulescu

(PDF – 884.6 ko)