"EURO-RIOB 2013"

Du 13 au 16 Novembre 2013, Plovdiv (Bulgarie)

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FIRST ROUNDTABLE : Feedback from the first RBMP (2010-2015). Preparation of the Second RBMP (2016-2021). Better coherence between the level of impacts and the Programmes of Measures, integration of water quantity issues (resource allocation, drought and flood management). Adaptation to climate change. Better integration with other EU directives. (Flood and Marine strategy) and with other sectoral policies (agriculture, energy, hydropower, navigation…) Better involvement of field water stakeholders


14 november 2013

› Implementation stage of the 2000/60/EC Directive and 2007/60/EC Directive in Romania

Daniela RADULESCU (Romania)

(PDF – 2.9 Mo)

› Inprove public consultation for RBMP and FRMP

Mariya BABUKCHIEVA (Bulgaria)

(PDF – 2.2 Mo)

› Integrated Drought Management Programme in Central and Eastern Europe

Liviu Nicolae Popescu, Richard Müller (GWP Central and Eastern Europe)

(PDF – 2.3 Mo)

› Plan d’adaptation au changement climatique bassin Rhône-Méditerranée Prise en compte dans le SDAGE - Vulnérabilité au changement climatique & politique d’adaptation

Comité de bassin Rhône Méditerranée
Tags : Changement climatique /  France / 

(PDF – 665.4 ko)

› Water resources management in Republic of Macedonia – The new approach

Ylber Mirta (Macedonia)

(PDF – 598.9 ko)

› WFD Implementation in Greece

Maria Gkini (Greece)

(PDF – 801.2 ko)