13-16 ноября 2013 года, Пловдив (Болгария)


Communications / Papers / Comunicaciones



FIRST ROUNDTABLE : Feedback from the first RBMP (2010-2015). Preparation of the Second RBMP (2016-2021). Better coherence between the level of impacts and the Programmes of Measures, integration of water quantity issues (resource allocation, drought and flood management). Adaptation to climate change. Better integration with other EU directives. (Flood and Marine strategy) and with other sectoral policies (agriculture, energy, hydropower, navigation…) Better involvement of field water stakeholders

SECOND ROUNDTABLE : Funding of programmes of measures, Access to Funds and particularly to EU Structural Funds. Economic analyses for determining the most cost effective combination of measures. Value of ecological services. Principle of cost recovery

THIRD ROUNDTABLE : New approaches of river restoration. Natural water retention measures. Ecological flow. Ecological focus areas. Reduction agricultural impacts on water (buffer strips, changes in agricultural practices etc.)

FOURTH ROUNDTABLE : Water governance in transboundary basins. WFD international districts. Role and meanings of International commissions. Bi and Multilateral agreements and Conventions

FIFTH ROUNDTABLE : Implementation of WFD principles in EU Neighbouring countries. Experiences of EECCA and Mediterranean Partner countries

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