6ème Forum Mondial de l’Eau

12-17 Mars 2012 - Marseille (FRANCE)




Documents de présentation / Introducing documents


› Introducing processes towards the World Water Forum

Four preparatory processes of the forum / Quatre processus préparatoires du forum

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› Lexique 6ème Forum Mondial De l’Eau / Terminology 6th World Water Forum / Terminología del 6º Foro Mundial del Agua

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› Seconde Annonce / Second Announcement

› Towards World Water Solutions / Soluciones hídricas mundiales / Soluçoes hídricas mundiais

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› Comité National Français

› " Events supported by the 6th World Water Forum"

The 6th World Water Forum would like to encourage and promote the creation of events which participate in its objectives, notably in terms of provoking the awareness of the general public.
The qualifying projects and the events created should correspond to the criteria of the Forum which were described in the foregoing paragraph.

These actions may take several forms :

- Communications actions especially the following approaches : Visit/ Discovery/ Festival/ Conference/ Exhibition/Cultural events. This list is in absolutely no way comprehensive

- Projects which locally promote culture and youth, nationally the enhancement of the wide range of know-how, and internationally the right of access to water and trans-border relations

This list is in absolutely no way comprehensive but merely indicative.
The aim of the events which take place prior to the Forum is to draw attention both to the water question and involve citizens in the Forum ; the target public is rather “general public”. It is also hoped that the media will be attracted by these events and hence talk about the Forum.

The events which take place during the Forum have two aims, both to promote the awareness of the general public during the week of the Forum and organize a certain number of citizen and cultural activities aimed at the participants in the Forum or which contribute to the substance of the Forum.

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