Conférence Internationale sur les Grands Lacs d’Afrique

02-05 mai 2017, Entebbe (Ouganda)

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Session Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity Benefits, Thursday 4th May


› Challenges and benefits to biodiversity and ecosystem services of rapidly expanding cage aquaculture in Lake Victoria

Sarah M. Glaser, Les Kaufman, and Roel Boumans
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(PDF – 3.1 Mo)

› Critical Sites Network for Freshwater Biodiversity in the Lake Victoria Catchment

William Darwall, Catherine Sayer & Laura MaizTomé
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(PDF – 3.3 Mo)

› Individual morphology as a predictor of diet in the recovering haplochromine cichlids of Mwanza Gulf, Lake Victoria

Leo A.J. Nagelkerke
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(PDF – 2.5 Mo)

› Mahale Mountains National Park as a model for conserving aquatic habitats and biodiversity

Peter B. McIntyre, Ismael Kimirei, George Kazumbe ...
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(PDF – 1.6 Mo)

› Scenarios to Improve Ecological Service Delivery and Conservation Values in the Northern Nyasa Basin, Tanzania

David Williams, Godlisten Matilya & Michael Maina
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› The geographical and genomic structure of endemic fish diversity in the Lake Victoria basin – and why it matters

Ole Seehausen
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› The importance of monitoring freshwater ecosystems to assess any change in their extent, quality and quantity over time (SDG indicator 6.6.1)

Stuart Crane

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› Using Site Based Tools to Demonstrate Ecosystem Service Values in Africa : The case of Toolkit for Ecosystem Services Site-based Assessment (TESSA)

Togarasei Fakarayi
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› Wildlife Conservation Co-existence with Oil & Gas Mining : A case study from Murchison Falls National Park (Uganda)

Mulondo Paul & Bakuneeta Chris

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