Conférence Internationale sur les Grands Lacs d’Afrique

02-05 mai 2017, Entebbe (Ouganda)

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Session Climate Change Impacts, Mitigation and Adaptation - Wednesday 3rd May


› A century of rainfall variability and recent change in the African Great Lakes region

Sharon Nicholson - Florida State University

(PDF – 4.5 Mo)

› Climate Change, Agriculture, and Sustainability of the East African Great Lakes

Tom Johnson Large - University of Minnesota Duluth
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(PDF – 2.6 Mo)

› Climate resilient altitudinal gradients (CRAGs)

Chris Magero
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(PDF – 2.5 Mo)

› Developping Adaptation Projects in Africa : the interest of an Incubation Platform


(PDF – 1.9 Mo)

› Eau et changement climatique : adaptons-nous !

› Lake level fluctuations, ecological attributes and fish productivity in African lakes and reservoirs

Jeppe Kolding

(PDF – 7.8 Mo)

› Lake Victoria water balance - impacts of climate change

Peter Koefoed Bjornsen -UNEP-DHI Centre
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(PDF – 2.3 Mo)

› Monitoring climate change and anthropic pressure at lake Tanganyika

Pierre-Denis Plisnier, Muderhwa Nshombo, Huruma Mgana, & Gaspard Ntakimazi

(PDF – 1.3 Mo)

› Renforcement du suivi hydrométéorologique pour l’adaptation aux changements climatiques dans le bassin du fleuve Congo

Blaise–Léandre TONDO - CICOS
Tags : Afrique /  Changement climatique / 

(PDF – 1.8 Mo)

› The Past Is The Key To The Future : Lessons Paleoecological Data From Lake Tanganyika Can Provide For Future Planning

Andrew Cohen - University of Arizona
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(PDF – 4.2 Mo)

› Using the Community Earth System Model in African Great Lakes Watersheds to inform Regional Stakeholders and Conservation Planners

Anton Seimon, Deborah Lawrence, Peter Lawrence, Salvi Asefi-Najafabady

(PDF – 3.6 Mo)